I like to make life into memories and bring memories to life! Whether it is a milestone like a wedding, a new birth, or a high school graduation or an event like a concert, a race, or a body building competition. I want to use my experience as a photographer to give you something to look back on, something to talk about at reunions, and cherish in your hearts. I have studied at the New England School of Photography in Boston and have had a varied life of experiences that help me in my craft. I am a retired medical practitioner and have worked with Start-EMS in humanitarian aid missions in Africa, Asia, The Balkans and in The United States. This has allowed me to view the human heart at its’ worst and at its’ best. I have been engaged in advanced studies in homeland security issues, risk analysis, emergency management and disaster preparedness which has given me a unique perception and an eye for detail. I have served as Senior Editor for Blasting News, Reporter Examiner, Axis, and Epic Times and I am currently a photographer for Natgeoyourshot, Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Sell News and a videographer for Baller tv and Artic Photography Alaska. I look forward to being your photographer and working with you to capture the precious memories in your life!